Autism Recognition, Response & Risk Management

DE BEST Mission Statement

To serve the state of Delaware by establishing, implementing, and sustaining volunteers to strengthen DSAMH initiatives, improve community resilience and support appropriate mental health response to disaster.

Autism Recognition, Response & Risk Management

Autism & Emergency Preparedness: Tips and Information for Emergency Shelter Staff and Trainers.

Emergency Preparedness in the 21st century is very diverse service. You will meet people and families for all walks of life. People with autism are part of that diversity. Autism is America’s fastest growing developmental disability.

Currently 1 out of every 88 individuals is diagnosed with Autism. In Delaware, approximately 1,200 children in Delaware public schools were classified with Autism during the past school year. Children and adults with autism are now living, going to school, working, and enjoying recreational opportunities everywhere in our communities. During and after an emergency, natural or man-made disaster, you may meet children and adults with autism and their families. The information in this workshop provides tips and options on how to safely and effectively interact with individuals with autism, their family members and care providers. The training provided MRC volunteers with the tools and resources needed to meet the needs of autistic individuals and their caregivers in emergency shelters.

For additional information on preparedness efforts for those with functional and access needs, please visit This mobile site was developed by the Center for Disabilities Studies at the University of Delaware to assist first responders and others who assist individuals with disabilities during an emergency.

Presenter Dennis Debbaudt, Autism Risk and Safety Management, Debbaudt Legacy Productions

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