DE BEST Mission Statement

To serve the state of Delaware by establishing, implementing, and sustaining volunteers to strengthen DSAMH initiatives, improve community resilience and support appropriate mental health response to disaster.

Required Trainings

All RespondDE/DMRC volunteers must complete an on-line DMRC Orientation to the program and certain other required training. Please see RespondDE/DMRC Calendar of Events for unit activities and RespondDE/DMRC unit trainings and details. For events, trainings, exercises and events specific to the DE BEST team, be sure to monitor DE BEST Calendar of Events. See below for training details.

Suggested for DE BEST Team Volunteers

Quarterly Meetings/Trainings

Quarterly Meetings are held the first month of the following quarter. These will share team activities and include short presentation and/or skill-building activities. These are being held virtually at this time.

    • All DE BEST volunteers are encouraged to attend. Guests are encouraged.
    • Quarterly meeting is intended to check in, network, and share knowledge/skills. 
    • Please send a presentation to share and/or special requests for discussion topics to in advance.

The DE BEST Committee Bimonthly Meeting is led by the DE BEST Committee Board Chair (Residing Chairperson: Adele Abrams).

    • All DE BEST volunteers are invited to participate.
    • The Committee is intended to review activities and provide program feedback.
    • Meetings are interactive and provide volunteers opportunities to voice requests for trainings, activities, and new programs for DE BEST.
    • Please send special requests for discussion topics to in advance.

Team Trainings are offered at least twice a year. Topics will surround community mental health, resilience, preparedness and disaster/crisis response.

Other sites are recommended for additional trainings. Please visit Delaware’s Learning Center (DLC), DE TRAIN, DEMA and/or FEMA. It is recommended that all volunteers create an account with each of these so that you can maintain a transcript of your learning. As always, please share your certificates with us upon completion.

 DE BEST Volunteers must update SERVDE profile and GalaxyDigital portal with relevant trainings.

If a certificate is required, send a copy of it us.

Trainings and activities are typically communicated via:

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