DE BEST Mission Statement

To serve the state of Delaware by establishing, implementing, and sustaining volunteers to strengthen DSAMH initiatives, improve community resilience and support appropriate mental health response to disaster.

Delaware Behavioral and Emotional Support Team (DE BEST)

University of Delaware 
25 North College Ave 
Room 327, McDowell Hall 

Newark, DE 1971

Celeste Peart
DE BEST Program Manager 

Phone: (302) 831-6136

Skylar Washington
DE BEST Administrative Assistant 
Bethany Hall-Long, Ph.D, RN, FAAN
DE BEST Principal Investigator 

RespondDE MRC

Office of Preparedness
Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness Section
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
Division of Public Health


Emergency Phone: 302-824-2313
Mindy Christine
State RespondDE Coordinator
Phone: (302) 223-1739

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