Psychological First Aid Training

DMRC Mission Statement

To serve the state of Delaware by establishing, implementing, and sustaining Delaware’s reserve units of medical and non-medical volunteers to strengthen the public health infrastructure, improve emergency preparedness response, and increase community resilience in Delaware.


Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training Links

PFA is covers intervention techniques that focus on reducing the initial psychological impacts immediately after a disaster. Contact DMRC if you would like additional information.

You may join our DE BEST team by attending one or both of the required trainings listed below. Be sure to send your Certificate upon completion (DE BEST Team Leader). The  Crisis Counseling Program Training (CCP, by SAMHSA) is listed here as it includes PFA concepts and is another required  training for DE BEST volunteers:

Upon completing your training, please send us your certificate so that we may update your account. Also, please contact our DE BEST Team Leader if you are interested in joining our DE BEST team or would like additional information!

NOTE: Mental Health Information, Links and Resources are available (click here).




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